Going Green Auto Parts

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“Going green” is the battle cry of the new millennium. People around the world are waking up and finding a better way to manufacture, distribute, and use products that impact our daily lives. Automobiles are the usually the second biggest investment we make in life so they play a vital role in the greening of America. It’s no longer okay to use parts that create more environmental issues either at the beginning of their usefulness or at the end of their tenure.

Consumers are beginning to think green when it comes to purchasing recycled auto parts that reduce waste and cost. Most recycled auto parts are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts that have been rebuilt so they perform like new parts. A recent report issued by the Department of Commerce explained that 29% of the nation’s green economy is a product of resource conservation. The Automotive Recyclers Association said that the process of reducing the need for OEM parts can save an estimated 85 million barrels of oil each year.

Recycled auto parts also reduce water and air pollution, as well as solid waste generation so it’s a natural step in the greening of America concept. We take a great deal of pride in our recycled auto parts selection, and we make sure our inventory reflects what we stand for in terms of reducing, recycling, and reusing, which are the three R’s of a green mentality.

Our parts undergo a rigorous certification process so each part comes with a warranty. Transmissions and engines as well as simple parts are all included in our warranty so every part lives up to its green label.

Some reports claim that price and performance are obstacles that keep consumers from buying green auto parts, but that is more of a marketing ploy than a fact. Green auto parts are prices competitively, and they perform just as efficiently as new auto parts.

We supply recycled OEM engine parts for imports as well as domestic cars. Most of our engine parts retail for 50% of their original retail value, but they perform as good as or better than the original part.

We are always available to answer questions about green auto parts. For more information about green auto parts and engines, email or call us now. We have a list of parts that will fit any engine size and shape. Going green is the new normal and we are here to service that normal.

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